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This application was developed by Muhieddine El Kaissi. He is currently in school to obtain a PhD student at ULL (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and is majoring in Computer Engineering.

He ventured in app development recently and is using the the simplicity and power of the iPhone SDK to put his ideas into actions.

"A Special Phone" idea was motivated by a series of ads by Apple. They tout that "There is an app for just anything".

By then, he realized that actually there is something major that is missing from the wide array of applications available in the app store. He realized that there is a portion of people who have special needs which are overlooked by the iPhone society.

"A Special Phone" is a personal effort to make iPhone accessible to all people even the ones that have visual, mental or physical disabilities.

Currently, he is working on improving "A Special Phone" to make it even more accessible.

Set up to 6 quick dial, no vision needed contacts!
You can create up to 6 quick dial contacts. Simply open the application for the intial app setup, choose your most used contacts from your contact list, and you are all set! You can even choose which contact gets a certain number of shakes to dial!
No Voice Teaching!!! Many of the dialers that do not require seeing the phone use voice recognition software. Unfortunately, voice recognition is unreliable and can be very frustrating. With "A Special Phone" you are using specific movements to dial your contacts prescisely.more...

Low Learning Curve! This app is so simple that the user can be as young as 2 years old! There is no need to know numbers, memorize phone numbers, or know the layout of a phone keypad more...

Multiple numbers for one contact NOT A PROBLEM!
lSimple solutions are king with this application, and the same goes for the question of mulitple phone numbers per contact. There will be no question who you are dialing and which number. You can choose which numbers you add to your top 6.

Feedback is always appreciated
lWe are always looking to improve the functionality and usability of this application. We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and concerns about this application.

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