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Why would a visually impaired person use a device that's basically designed around a visual intensive interface?

What you'll find with fixed-button phones like regular handsets and Blackberries is that they're still very dependent on seeing what's on the screen to get around the device properly. The screen on the iphone is significantly larger than these other devices which allows for people with visual impairment to see the navigation better.

How will I benefit from "A Special Phone"?

"A Special Phone" is a dialing system created specifically for people with special dialing needs. This application helps people with visual disabilities and physical handicaps. It creates a simple solution to dialing on a touch screen that will not only be of great use to the blind, but also to the elderly, children, and those that have problems using the flat touch surface to dial.

I don't have special needs, can i benefit from "A Special Phone"?

There are lots of instances where you would like to dial without looking at your phone. For instance, while driving, even the simple act of looking at the phone to find a contact is difficult. Using the "A Special Phone" application will save you a lot of frustration and make dialing and driving a lot safer.

How can a child that does not know how to read use "A Special Phone"?

You can teach very young children to use this app to make phone calls in case of an emergency. Children that do not even know how to count can dial out in any situation. Just set your emergency contact number to the first spot, and teach the child to shake the phone once in order to call. It's that simple!

I Have a family member that has a vision impairment but doesn't have an iphone, how it will be useful to them?

Simply install the application and show the person how to use it. If in case of an emergency, the person will be able to dial out using your phone. And if the person has a regular phone, this application would be useful for the occasional times when his phone is misplaced or when it's battery is dead.

Its a great idea, but i can't see how a visually impaired person could even remotely use a touch screen based phone?

Visually impaired does not always mean completely blind. Maybe people, including the eldery can see a screen, but have a hard time reading text on a screen, or seeing numbers on a phone pad. They currently make large button phones for the vision impaired, and "A Special Phone" just adds another way for someone with a visual impairment to easily use their iPhone to call.



Set up to 6 quick dial, no vision needed contacts!
You can create up to 6 quick dial contacts. Simply open the application for the intial app setup, choose your most used contacts from your contact list, and you are all set! You can even choose which contact gets a certain number of shakes to dial!
No Voice Teaching!!! Many of the dialers that do not require seeing the phone use voice recognition software. Unfortunately, voice recognition is unreliable and can be very frustrating. With "A Special Phone" you are using specific movements to dial your contacts prescisely.more...

Low Learning Curve! This app is so simple that the user can be as young as 2 years old! There is no need to know numbers, memorize phone numbers, or know the layout of a phone keypad more...

Multiple numbers for one contact NOT A PROBLEM!
lSimple solutions are king with this application, and the same goes for the question of mulitple phone numbers per contact. There will be no question who you are dialing and which number. You can choose which numbers you add to your top 6.

Feedback is always appreciated
lWe are always looking to improve the functionality and usability of this application. We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and concerns about this application.

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