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Eyes- Free Keyboard - comming soon!

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The creator of "A Special Phone" has done it again! Another innovative and amazing vision free dialing system for the iPhone!

This application now can completely replace the native iPhone calling application! There is now no need for the iPhone's built in calling application. "A Special Phone" takes care of it all. You now have built in speed dialing that does not require looking at the phone and keypad dialing using discovery mode! You can simply touch your finger anywhere on the screen, and the application will tell you which number you are touching. When you find the number that you would like to use, you simply tap in it's place and it will dial that number! If you do not need eyes free dialing, you can use the keypad just as it is and tap away at the number just like the basic iPhone dialing application.

As you tap the numbers in both "eyes free" mode or regular mode, the application will speak the number and show a much larger number on the screen for those who can see, but are best off with larger images and numbers. Those who need vision correction as well as the eldery will greatly benefit from this great new feature.

You now have a complete dialing application that you can use any time, all of the time!


NeoSeeker Explores the uses of "A Special Phone" has recently found the "A SpecialPhone" application and finds that it is one of the more useful applications in the app store. Here is what they had to say:

As you might know, the Apple iPhone has a ton of third-party applications, ranging from a guitar emulator to the --oh so wonderful -- iBoobs. Now, maybe these are not so useful, but they are quite fun. However, a new app, called Shake & Dial by Muhieddine El Kaissi, can defintely be filed under the 'useful' category, especially if you happen to be visually impaired.

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Mac World Features "A
Special Phone"

macworld iphone app featured

Mac World has featured the "A Special Phone" application in their "iPhone Central" area of the app store. Mac World is the website for all things Apple. It is truly an honor to be mentioned in iPhone Central.

Here is an excerpt from the Mac World Article:

"Last week, we saw Google working on ways to make their Android OS more accessible to the visually-impaired. While Apple has yet to come out with features that address the same challenges, third-party application developers are taking up the slack. Muhieddine El Kaissi's recently released iPhone, A Special Phone (iTunes link), which attempts to simplify the ability to dial without looking at the iPhone’s touchscreen. Instead, it relies on other functionality of the phone, such as its accelerometer."

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"A Special Phone" 1.5

The developer of "A Special Phone" has been putting a lot of effort into making this application the absolute best it can be. With the help of Lindsay at BSC Photo, we have completely redesigned the GUI to be more appealing and flow nicely with the iPhone's slick design. He has listened to the feedback from it's users and is proud to annouce the newest version of "A Special Phone" that will have the following changes:

  • Completely redesigned GUI

  • New icon.

  • Settings button sensibility fixed.

  • Increased shake detection sensibility.

  • "get ready" sound replaced by vibration.

  • Ability to remove a contact by double tapping.



    App Craver Rates "A Special Phone" an 8 out of 10!!

    app craver best app review

    App Craver is one of the top app review websites out there. They offer up reliable and real world reviews of every application that is put in front of them. App Craver was recently reviews a copy of "A Special Phone" and gave it a top notch review. The writers of App Craver are app addicts and they know a good app when they see one.

    Here is a quote from their article:

    "A Special Phone was developed for people who are visually impaired or are unable to look at their phones, like when they are driving. A Special Phone, developed by Muhieddine EL Kaissi, uses a combination of audio, visual and tactile feedback to simplify dialing your iPhone....

    ...Setting up A Special Phone is simple and the app works as described in the application description in the App Store."

    We know that the people at App Craver know their stuff, and we are excited that our application has gotten an 8 out of 10 rating!!

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Set up to 6 quick dial, no vision needed contacts!
You can create up to 6 quick dial contacts. Simply open the application for the intial app setup, choose your most used contacts from your contact list, and you are all set! You can even choose which contact gets a certain number of shakes to dial!
No Voice Teaching!!! Many of the dialers that do not require seeing the phone use voice recognition software. Unfortunately, voice recognition is unreliable and can be very frustrating. With "A Special Phone" you are using specific movements to dial your contacts prescisely.more...

Low Learning Curve! This app is so simple that the user can be as young as 2 years old! There is no need to know numbers, memorize phone numbers, or know the layout of a phone keypad more...

Multiple numbers for one contact NOT A PROBLEM!
lSimple solutions are king with this application, and the same goes for the question of mulitple phone numbers per contact. There will be no question who you are dialing and which number. You can choose which numbers you add to your top 6.

Feedback is always appreciated
lWe are always looking to improve the functionality and usability of this application. We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and concerns about this application.

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